Working Trot, March 23

Rogo hadn't picked up a good working trot and held it since moving to South Rawdon / going back to work from his 3 month lay off. Come to think of it he's never done a working trot since we've got him taking contact. Today Cheryl decided it needed to happen and we would focus on just that. Well once that decision was made he went into it pretty quickly and held it, both directions. Even did a little extension.
Cheryl told me before I rode that I needed to be more positive, that I was being too critical and negative about my riding and that I needed to ride with more confidence. I'd been thinking the same thing, just needed a push. She has very good instincts. Anyway, it seemed to work and the big trot felt magical. What a treat he is to ride.
After that she got me to canter in two point (I'd only cantered in two point once before and not on Rogo). It isn't something I did for dressage. Anyway, that went okay but we'll need to keep working on it. Reasoning is to get my heels down, keep my hands really quiet by his neck and to free up his back.
Best points for the day were the working trot and him bending and going into the corners on his own or with little aid. An improvement area is to keep my heels down in the canter. I keep trying to hold him in the canter with my heel - not good.