Today's Ride, Feb. 24

Today I watched Doug's lesson on Savannah - his second with Cheryl. He did really well. I can see an improvement right in front of my eyes. Savannah is doing so well too. She is so much fun to ride. They will do well together. Wonder if we'll compete against one another this summer? She'll kick our asses!
I rode Rogo on my own today (no lesson). He did well, but not as well as yesterday. I think every other day may be best, at least until we can ride outside and break things up a bit. Also, having Cheryl actively coaching the ride is still a big help. We aren't to a point of being able to work on our own a lot. Having said that, it wasn't bad and it's good to have some practice time on my own. He is taking contact and bending. He picked up his canter with just an outside leg and slight inside rein aid - no voice, no hard pushing. Then held it quite calmly until he slipped (a wet spot at one end). I'm starting to be able to feel his canter and sit into it instead of on it. It's my first time with a warm blood and the power and suspension are wonderful, but quite different to what I'm used to. He wasn't as forward in his working trot today. May have been a little tired. I was. Yesterday we worked hard!