Best Ride Yet, Feb. 23

Today was the best ride we've ever had. Even though we've been training for a year (with one three month break and a few shorter breaks) everything seemed to come together all at once. He accepted / wanted a good contact, he bent nicely, he had energy and engagement. Wow! It was wonderful.
It didn't start out so well, but then Cheryl, my teacher, got me to take more contact with both reins and keep my outside rein contact stronger in corners instead of giving so much on the outside when taking with the inside. All of a sudden everything clicked. Of course Rogo was ready now and he wasn't even a week ago. It seems almost magical when it works! He actually goes stronger and with more energy now that he is understanding contact, instead of hanging back from it. Yahoo!!!
I'm used to riding Savannah who is solid, solid, solid, and I keep a good contact with her, but when it comes to riding Rogo I have no idea and now I'm erring on the side of not enough (or was until today). Today really showed he feels more happy and secure WITH contact. Finally we're getting it!!! Oh, also, we finished with a great canter - strong, forward, and yet very much responding to aids. I'm in heaven.
I'm sure we'll be back and forth on this. Seems that's how training goes, but we're definitely on the right track. The thing to remember - focus, concentrate,ride at all times.