Lesson, March 3

I had a good lesson today. I longed without and then with side reins. Then I rode, going first to the left. It was a struggle. He doesn't want to bend left and wants to stick his head to the outside. I could get him going quite well if we trotted, but the walk was a constant balancing act. We did a trot circle of decreasing and then increasing size, starting and going back to 20 m. It wasn't too bad, considering it was his first time. Going back out was harder than coming in. He went well to the right (he usually does) and then we cantered to the right, started across the diagonal at a canter, trotted and picked up a left lead canter on the other side. Cheryl was quite happy with it, but she was giving Rogo a bit of encouragement, so I can't be too pleased about it. We also did a bit of turn of the forehand - one step and then walk or trot off. He is really getting the aid now.
The nicest thing is that he is so calm and sweet - he loves people, always shows up at his stall door and pushes his head into his halter, will follow me anywhere with no lead line, wants to hang out, etc. He's so sweet and loving that it's hard to be firm with him when he does rebel / resist in training. Because he does have a stubborn streak too! Doesn't get cranky or hold a grudge though - I can do a correction and move on and that's the end of it. Working with him is a privilege. It's so fun to have a horse like him.
Tomorrow is our saddle fitting. Should be interesting and it will be great to get him into a properly fitted dressage saddle.