Rogo and Dan's Work for the Day, March 15

Today Mom and I went to the barn. I longed Rogo outside and he got away from me and ran all over the field. He fell down when he hit snow - right over n his side. I finally got him back and we had a good longing session. Most of his turn out over the winter has been in the indoor ring, so he was pretty excited to get out. I longed him outside the other day and he wasn't as excited as today. He went well. He's slowly but surely learning to stretch into the contact with light side reins. I have a lesson on him tomorrow.
I was going to ride Dan today, but after all the excitement with Rogo I decided just to longe him. Seeing how Rogo had enjoyed his run, I turned Dan out and let him run. He had a nice little canter around and then came up to me when I called him. What a good boy. I longed him inside. We did a lot of walk trot transitions and then a little cantering. His canter is still not good, especially to the right. His walk and trot were very good. I was quite happy with them. He was just in a halter. I need to get him bending and taking contact better too. I'm working with him so he'll be in good shape for Michelle and Louis, although once I get him going well I won't want to give him up!
Dan needs to be tested for worms. He's had on and off diarrhea.
The weather is the best I remember for March. We've had a week or more of sunny days and 10 + temps. It's perfect riding weather!