Riding, March 13

We're having the best March weather I can ever remember having. It's sunny, calm and warm (for March, + 5 to 10). Perfect riding weather. The horses still have their winter coats, although they're shedding fast, so we have to be somewhat careful that they don't over heat.
I rode Rogo today. He is doing well with bending and contact. I think I can sort of do circles now while staying correctly bent. We're circling in and out in both directions. We're also continuing working on stretching forward and down and that's going quite well. The thing I have to focus on now is keeping my hands and seat quiet so he doesn't throw his head up. That and the circling are my goals for the week. Oh yeah, I have to get him outside and having some fun. He's been very patient about boring circles in the arena.
I'm also going to make a point of getting Dan back to work. For the end of March:
- conditioning
- contact and head set
- circles as per Rogo
- beginning to obey Louis
This week:
- ask Cheryl about side reins
- riding Mon. (Sun. too if I have time)
- longing Tues.
- riding Fri.
- riding Sat. / Sun.