Amazingly Great Ride

Yesterday I rode Rogo in the indoor. I longed first and then rode. He was forward, forward, forward. I don't know what's happened, but he has changed so much in the last 2 weeks re his willingness / eagerness to move with energy and engagement. I had thought it was the saddle, but I gave the demo back and he won't get his for 6 weeks. I wondered if it was the tractor, or being outside, etc. But yesterday there was nothing - he was inside, by himself, in his old saddle and he just went for it. He's never been like this before. His walk was marching and soooo rhythmic. I didn't touch him with my leg to keep him going, just sat with him. As a bonus he steered like a dream. I understand that part because my aids are getting better, I'm able to 'feel' him now and we're working together. What I don't understand, but love, is his energy. Maybe the added feed? Could it make that much difference? I've added lots of feed in the past and didn't see any difference.
After the great walk (serpentines, crossing the diagonal, free walk, etc.) we trotted. He stopped when I asked for it so I have to remember to ask more softly today. But when he started it was BOOM - big trot with tons of suspension and again I didn't have to push him at all the whole time. He held this huge trot endlessly and did lots of 20 m circles in both directions (which he'd never done of this quality before) and also stretching circles (he's never officially been asked before and they were really good) and going large with direction changes. No encouragement needed for him to stay in this big trot. This has NEVER happened, except maybe when he first trotted off the longe and went large. He was still going strong when I ended it.
I finished with a little bit of canter in both directions and a little bit of turn on the forehand both ways. He was amazing! I was euphoric all the way home and still am.
I have to do something about Dan today. His lameness keeps coming and going and I think it's because he fights with the horse beside him. He'll either have to move or come home. I can't wait any longer for him to get well.
Doug and I both have lessons today and the horses get shod today. Rogo's first time to get all four shoes on. Hope it goes well. He wouldn't let the farrier (Janice Beaudreau) put hind shoes on the first time he got shoes last Sept. and they've been bare foot since moving to Cheryl's for the winter.
I hope he's as good for today's lesson as he was yesterday.