More on the Saddle, March 6

Today Doug, Michelle, Louis and I went to the barn and we rode all three horses. Louis learned to post. It was only his third time ever on a horse (first two times on Savannah, today on Dan) and he did it almost as soon as I told him how and looked like he'd been doing it for years. Michelle did really well riding Dan on her own. He was testing her but she did well and I know he'll come along for her.
The interesting thing about riding today was that I rode Rogo using Doug's new Albion saddle. After he reacted poorly to the WOW saddles we tried on him the other day I wanted to gain some insight as to whether it was just going back to a dressage saddle, or whether it was the specific WOW saddle. Seems it may have been the saddle. He seemed to me to be going better in the Albion than he's ever gone. he picked up this great big trot without even being asked and I haven't been able to get him to do that since starting again in Dec. There was lots of suspension. He did it several times and had a couple of really nice canters too. I thought he felt really loose and free under me, so I asked Doug to come and look and he agreed that Rogo was looking really happy and free. It was so nice to have him being happily forward on his own without pushing. I won't draw any final conclusions from this, but it seems that maybe the WOW isn't right for him. Every horse is different so I need to make sure I get the right thing for him.