Fri. Lesson, March 28

My lesson on Fri. went pretty well. The goal for the lesson was to get him to canter all the way around, without help from someone in the center with a longe whip. We did it pretty quickly in both directions. He gave a couple of small bumps one way and a small buck the other when I insisted he stay in his canter, but nothing serious. After that we did some free jumping with him and gave him some treats.
Our goals for April are to do working trot 80% of the time when asked and to pick up and hold the canter 80% of time when asked. Also we'll continue working on the contact, bending and circles.
The challenge with the first two goals will be firmness without getting him resentful or rebellious. May be time to bring treats in again.
Doug and Savannah had a lesson Fri. too and did very well. They were working on trot and canter circles.
Dan had been lame in his left back leg the last time we were there (Thur.), but by Sat. he seemed fine. Cheryl thinks he probably hurt it acting a fool in turn out.