Riding Update, Rogo and Dan, March 8

I rode on my own today as Cheryl had to leave and Doug didn't come with me.That usually means I'm not going to take too many risks or try something I might need help with, as I'll be alone there for hours.
I longed Rogo first, then rode him. He didn't go all that well for quite a while into the ride. I find now that I can ride him with a fairly good contact in the trot both ways, but his left walk still involves turning his head out if I have contact. After working in both directions, doing some canter to the right and me getting frustrated with left walk, we worked on decreasing trot circles to the left. The first one wasn't great, but not bad. The second was surprisingly good. He stayed flexed to the left, came in fairly evenly, and kept his rhythm, even when the circle got small. He went out evenly and with good flexion and rhythm too. Go figure. Just when I thought we weren't getting anywhere he surprises me.
I can't wait to get a properly fitted saddle on him.
After Rogo I rode Dan. With Michelle and Louis starting their riding lessons it's time to get Dan back in shape. He won't listen to a green rider AT ALL. However, I started back riding on him after 30 years, so it can be done. We did a lot of walk trot transitions and it seemed to sharpen him up, then a little canter both ways. I almost fell off him at one point when some sliding ice on the roof made him spook and I got up over his neck. Oops!
Doug and I both have lessons tomorrow. Michelle and Louis had lessons last night.
We took Michelle and Louis to Greenhawk on the weekend and got them outfitted in riding gear - boots, breeches and helmets. With the red L.L. Bean jackets we got at Frenchies and gave to them for barn jackets they looked like a riding team! Very cute. Must post pictures.
Michelle cantered last night. Yipee! Louis struggled with Dan (they'll come along). Cheryl and I agree he has a natural talent and loves the horses.