Sunday Afternoon Ride, February 21

I rode with my husband and his horse Savannah today. Savannah is a draft cross, specifics unknown. She is an absolute sweet heart and one of the most fun horses I've ever ridden. She is safe, safe, safe yet wonderfully forward - never has to be nagged to hold her gait or rhythm, picks up a trot or canter at the lightest aid, etc. I won the Seahorse circuit Training Level championship in 2008 (our Provincial circuit) on her and also took her into a Level One test at a gold show the end of the season and won that on her too. Doug, my husband, tried her after that and loved her so much he gave up western riding and switched to dressage immediately. She was his horse to start with, but I'd been using her for dressage. So then I focused on Rogo, and while he was getting old enough / ready to train and show I trained my Appaloosa (palamino with blanket) Dan and took him in Training Level last summer. He was fun and did okay, along with having a few escapades in keeping with his rather mischievous personality. Seems I'll be in Training Level for ever!
So today's ride went fairly well, but the cantering wasn't as good as yesterday. He was accepting contact quite nicely, staying straighter and bending okay in the corners. He wasn't great at the working trot, but not terrible either. Being with Savannah he seemed to want to get in front of her and then crowd her / cut her off. It wasn't a huge, bad issue, just a bit of a nuisance a couple of times. He isn't at all used to being ridden with another horse, so this will be good experience for the warm up ring. Cantering to the right went fairly well, left he didn't want to hold very long. I think I'm going to try riding every other day for awhile instead of 5 or 6 times a week, and see how that goes.
Doug has started getting Savannah and himself ready to show at Training Level this summer. They are doing well. His problem (she doesn't do it to me) is that Savannah sometimes tries to turn into the center of the ring with him. Our current teacher Cheryl (he had his first lesson with her the other day) made some suggestions to him and they did great practicing today.
My Mom, who is 86, came to the barn with us today. She is a real animal lover and enjoys the horses. After riding we all went to lunch at Cravings Cafe. It was about 4 degrees C. with a gentle snow wafting down - all in all a great Feb. winter afternoon.