Lesson, March 20

I had a lesson on Rogo today. It went okay. We started asking him to go into the corners more, now that he is staying somewhat straight and bending in the corners. Also, we tried a walk pirouette for the first time. He did okay at it, not great but not terrible. We finished with some cantering in both directions. I haven't been practicing much lately and got Cheryle to help ne reinforce the aid with the longe whip. He did fine - calm and happy, but I found I didn't have the 'push' today to push him out of his comfort zone and stay in the canter. We only got around about 3/4 of the way. Maybe next time.
Doug had a good lesson on Savannah. They are getting ready to show.
It was 19 C today. Amazing for March.
We worked on Cheryl's fence after our lesson.