And Even More on the Saddle, March 7

Yesterday I took Mom to the barn. It was amazing out - sunny and 10 C. Spring is definitely on the way. Cheryl suggested we longe outside - our first time working outside since being there. I settled Mom in a chair with a blanket and we watched Cheryl longe Dancer first (she was beautiful and did a half circle of almost passage when she asked her to come back from a trot to a walk - in a halter!).
Then I longed Rogo. He was happy to be outside and floated around the circle. I tried longing him over a low jump that was sitting there, which he did, but both times he kept going and went out a gate into the pasture - first one way, then the other. He stopped right away though. He likes people too much to run away.
Before taking him out Cheryl got me to put the Albion saddle on him (I'd mentioned to her how well he went in it the day before). She pointed out that it didn't actually fir him. So I emailed the iftter again. She tells me that the Albion may have relived the usual pressure points and wasn't bad enough to cause immediate pressure, but eventually would if it doesn't fit properly. That was interesting. Makes sense. I sure hope the WOW she's putting together for me works.
Doug went to the barn today and watched some of Michelle's and Louis's lesson. Dan didn't want to go for Louis (of course) but I think he'll be fine as Louis gets more experience. Dan goes fine for me.
My lesson tomorrow. I want to review my goals again with Cheryl.