Not So Good Rides, March 21

My last two rides with Rogo weren't so good. He started halting and bracing again when I asked for the trot. Also, I was giving too strong an aid for him to go deeper into the corners (previously we just did big wide turns)and he ended up wedged into the corner. It really showed that I haven't started a young horse before. The feel changes every day! When I adjusted to a lighter aid he was fine. Too bad I didn't adjust properly before getting my knee banged up on the wall :(
Now I'm wondering if I should shoe him. He's been barefoot all winter, but the track was worn when we rode and it may have been too hard for barefoot. I'm going to get shoes on him. Also the track will be raked.
Savannah didn't want to trot either and that is definitely not like her.
I got so tense during my last ride that I put my back out. Not good. I have to get it stronger. I went to the chiropractor today. Wish we had pilates around here.
My new saddle should be ready to try soon. I just heard from Rachael Argo at Callan Saddlery that she has the pieces and is going to put a WOW competitor together for me. I rode in hers and loved it but it was hard to say if Rogo liked it. She said it appeared to fit him perfectly, but he wasn't happy. Sometimes he just has those days though. So Rachael wants me to try the saddle for a week and see how it goes. If he isn't happy with it we'll have to do something else. I can't wait to try it!
When I get back on my focus will be:
- practicing corners: giving immediately with the inside, using my legs much more and backing off the reins
- working trot
- maintaining canter
- while starting to be more particular about straight, square halts and straight departs
If my back won't withstand the above right away the focus will be:
- gaiting within the walk
- turn on the forehand
- walk pirouettes
- and of course straight, square halts and straight departs