Saddle Fitting, April 15

Rogo was fitted for a WOW saddle 2 days ago and I have to say, Wow. Unless it was a complete coincidence, he was soooo much more forward while staying totally relaxed. He hasn't wanted to carry his canter in the indoor, and he stayed in it no problem in the WOW, without even using any reminder aid - just sitting quietly (although we only went to the right, his good side. We'll work on left in his lesson today.)His back was swinging and loose in the walk and he did an amazing, big working trot. Maybe his best ever.
Today will be our second ride in it, so we'll see if it continues. My fingers are crossed!
The fitter (Rachael Argo, Callan Saddlery) tried one on him about a month ago that technically 'fit' him and that day he seemed to hate it. Not sure if it was the saddle or something was wrong that day, but he wouldn't go forward at all, and was very cranky. If only they could talk. The one he's trying now is a slightly different model that she put together specifically for him.
He's coming along well. We had a lesson after the fitting and worked on working trot, steering, halt, a bit of canter and rein back. Cheryl laid out poles for our rein back (first time we've worked on it) and Doug helped to get him backing the first time or two. Rogo did very well.