Doug Rides Rogo for the First Time (Also Rogo Turns 5 Today)

Doug and I rode Savannah and Rogo together yesterday. It went well. Had to ride inside because the ring was wet, which was too bad, but it was a good ride. I started on Rogo and Doug on Savannah.
Rogo did his working trot very well and continues to improver accuracy in turning. I came up the center line once and actually stopped straight (not completely square, but it might be our first straight!). Then, he trotted off - my first time asking for it and he did it.
The canter departs weren't as good though. We worked to the left. Had to really work to get them and he didn't want to carry it. Once I got a good one and a short canter I gave him a treat and stopped for the day. Gotta get outside!
Then Doug rode Rogo for the first time ever. They just walked and Doug was a little nervous, which surprised me as Rogo is so calm. I can understand it though - no one else has ever been on him except Megan over a year ago for a few minutes. Rogo took it very well - a different weight and balance. They'll work up to more.
I rode Savannah which was pure heaven. She is so on the aids. I remembered what it felt like when we won high point championship for the season. She was perfect - forward, responsive, oh la la!
Today is Rogo's fifth birthday!!! I'm going to the barn to pamper him.