A Great Day At the BArn, April 17

To catch up, Rogo had a lesson in his trial saddle 2 days ago. It went quite well I think. He was nicely forward and happy. We worked on trot and canter. Cheryl had me hold a dressage whip cross ways and level in my hands so I would stop dropping my outside hand (don't know why I did this). Anyway, it worked very well. Forced me to keep my hands quiet and in the correct place, something I find hard to do with Rogo. When we went back to riding without holding the whip in that position I was able to maintain the correct hand position and Rogo went the best he's gone as far as turning and bending (according to Cheryl and it felt very good to me). Goes to show it's mostly me I guess. I find it soooo hard to get and keep the correct feel with him. It seemed so easy with Savannah.
Then we worked on canter. He is picking it up very well and willing to hold it longer a lot of the time.
Today we took the barbecue to the barn and Joan and Lawrence came over. First Doug and I rode while Joan and Lawrence watched, then all 5 of us sat in the trailer and ate sausage dogs, hamburgers, chicken burgers, and salads. It was a cold day with snow flurries at times, but a couple of pots of coffee with Bailey's and brandy took the chill off and we had the furnace on in the trailer so it was cozy. Doug, Cheryl and I had planned to clean tack but it was too cold. (We're getting ready to go to a tack sale next weekend.)
So we spent the afternoon talking about all things dressage. Joan and Cheryl were at Lancers at the same time way back in the 60's but don't seem to have crossed paths. It was a great afternoon. We talked about show plans for the summer, going to Blainville, maybe showing at Blainville next year, dressage movements and exercises,... Had many laughs and the afternoon flew by. It may have been gray and drizzly outside but it was warm and fun in the trailer. It was so good to see Joan out and having a good time after the winter she's had with Roy (also so good to know he's getting better). It's great that Cheryl enjoys having this kind of thing at her barn. She's always up for going to Cravings for after ride coffee and brunch or making hot chocolate at the barn while we work on riding goals.
Riding for Joan didn't go as well as it could have. Rogo almost cantered into Savannah (even though I hadn't even asked for a canter) and then he ran into the wall / corner a couple of times. I was nervous riding for her after so long (first time since the end of Aug.)so this didn't help matters. There were good moments though. Joan wanted to see if Rogo would canter from a walk, which I've never asked him to do, and he did it first try with only one trot step. Also he was very anxious to canter today which isn't usual in the indoor ring. I loved that! He did get resistant to the left towards the end. I think I was holding the inside too much though :( I HAVE to get consistent in keeping soft and quiet hands. This is a good lesson for showing - nervousness leads to bad riding!
Our next lesson is Mon. afternoon. It would be good to check in on the goals we set for April and discuss show plans.