Two Teachers

Our old teacher Joan is coming to give Doug a lesson at 10:00 tomorrow. This is very exciting because it's her first time back teaching with us since she had to stop because of family commitments last fall. Cheryl, the woman who started giving us lessons this winter when Joan couldn't is coming to give me a lesson at 11:00. 
The plan is that Joan will be Doug's teacher and Cheryl will be my teacher, with Joan being our adviser and assuming the teacher role when we're further advanced. I'll want Cheryl to be our freestyle teacher (for both Doug and I).
Joan will stay for my lesson. We're just figuring this out. I really hope it's going to work. They both have so much to offer, both have their strengths and have helped us so much, and both are very strong in their beliefs. Am I crazy to hope this works? It could be wonderful and so much fun if it does work, or tense and stressful if it doesn't. We'll just have to work at it, do our best, and make adjustments if needed.