Latest Rides

I rode yesterday and today. Pretty uneventful - no more bucks :) I have to admit though, falling off has made me nervous again to canter on him. I did some canter transitions yesterday to right and left and got Doug to longe me cantering to the left. All went well but I didn't canter down the long side. I turned him before he could really get going too fast. I don't want to convey any unwillingness to canter to him, so I'll have to get over this fast. Today there is a gale blowing so we just longed, walked and trotted. He was lazy today. Wind doesn't seem to bother him at all but it's hard to ride. We worked on walk and trot circles, free walk, center line and halt. I feel crippled when I'm trying to do anything requiring the least bit of finesse to the left.
Joan gave Doug a lesson this morning. He's doing really well. They were working on canter transitions and steering and did great. I'm jealous! I can't see how I'll even be ready for a walk trot. We're making progress, so I'm happy, but he's still very crooked on the center line, not doing consistent circles, etc. Free walk is very good and gaits are good. Time for our monthly goal review tomorrow.