Doug (my husband) is getting ready to show Savanah at Training Level. She's amazing. I was riding her until a year ago (she's Doug's horse but he let me ride her), when he got on her one day to try her out.
A die hard western rider, Doug "wanted a few minutes of instruction" so he could understand her training and ride her if he felt like it. Turned out he loved dressage! You could have knocked me over with a feather. He started dressage lessons immediately and we're having a blast getting he and Savanah ready to show. He had to order his jacket from BC (and they ordered it from Norway). All of his show clothes have to be brought in from out of Province. There are almost no men doing dressage in Nova Scotia.
He and Savanah are doing really well. She was Training Level Champion the summer I showed her (her doing, not mine)and I think they're going to do well and have lots of fun.
Cheryl, our teacher, got on her the day the pictures were taken and did leg yeild, shoulder in and a few steps of half pass. She (Savanah) is ready to move up the scale and Doug is keen to take her. He's going to go back to working with Joan so we'll divide up teaching - he'll work with Joan and I'll work with Cheryl. Both teachers will advise on both horses. No reason, they are both great and we are very lucky to have them.