Catching Up

I haven't been able to post for awhile as our internet has been down for almost a week. Things are progressing with our training. I'm slowly getting him to turn reliably with a little bend. His working trot has come along amazingly after months of slow slogging. Suddenly he's all energy. That's one thing I don't really understand. He's gone from border line lazy and needing to be pushed all the time to go, go, go. I'm certainly not complaining. It's wonderful. I just didn't think he was going to be the kind of horse that had so much energy.
Today was the strangest yet - he was cantering around me in tiny circles before I could get him out on the longe line. Who is this horse and what did he do with Rogo? I didn't need to ride with a whip and he was very energetic and forward throughout our ride, even after I longed extra long. Once he was warmed up he was wonderfully responsive (for his stage of training). I had no trouble getting him to walk or trot even though he really wanted to gallop! Also he did very good circles, stretching circles and bending in the corners. We did some cantering both ways at the end and the steering isn't there at all. He picks it up just great, with the correct lead every time, but he just wants to run up the hill. I'm thinking as the trot steering gets stronger the canter steering will come.
I feel like such a loser that I've had so much trouble with steering him. What can I say - at least I think he'll make a better rider of me. He insists I get the right balance of inside leg and outside rein and stay light on the inside rein. Also he changes his feel all the time. Seems so elementary but to me it is so elusive.
His rhythm was coming and going a bit today too, although it's been very good for the last while.
So, for the coming week, our objectives are to continue improving bend and steering, practice C.L. and halt, and canter control. Cheryl will longe me at the canter again to help us get a better feel for turning instead of heading down the long side at a gallop :)
All in all I'm very happy with him and the forwardness is like a gift from God.