Back To Back Lessons

I had lessons with Cheryl Tues. and Wed. We worked on circles, bending, keeping him where we want him (instead of going out of the sand area and into the grass), etc. This was all at the walk and trot. We did LOTS of walk trot transitions which really helped him focus on what he was supposed to be doing rather than his 'games' (moving sideways in left hand turns, getting on grass,...). This worked well and he was very cheerful about all of it. I think he needs to be kept very busy, mentally and physically.
Doug video taped the Tues. lesson which is pretty much a wake up call to me. I can ride better than this. I'm somewhat mortified to have anyone see this, but I want to have a good record and also, maybe others are struggling too? The good news is that we're making progress again. Two steps forward one step back.
Although the video looks terrible to me, there are lots of good things happening, most importantly that Rogo is now so much more forward and willing to work. And his attitude is wonderful - he could care less if other horses leave the arena, leaving him alone, and he's much happier in our lessons.