First Ride at Home for the Summer

I had my first ride on Rogo yesterday, after bringing the three of them home from South Rawdon on Sat. It went really well. Rogo had been turned out since he got home so I wondered if he'd be a little lazy, but that wasn't the case at all. He was nicely forward without being overly so. He did the best corners he's done in months - no distractions to walk off onto the grass. I think he'll be bending nicely soon (famous last words). Anyway, he walked into the corners nicely and did a bit of bending. Excellent for him.
He seemed to love the footing. We still have a little work to do on getting a couple of areas raked out, so I avoided those areas.
Michelle and Louis were here for the weekend and Mom came up  for supper, so Mom and Michelle watched.
Rogo's trot work was quite good and after a couple of rather lop sided attempts we did some passable circles. Then some cantering to the right - he didn't pick it up very well with the first ask (rushed his trot), but after that he did a couple more that were farily good transitions. He seemed to want to get his head stuck out / down when he cantered. Not sure what that was about but he may have just been feeling out the new footing. I didn't canter to the left as Mom was sitting in the ring and I didn't trust Rogo not to go plowing through where she was sitting.
I kept it short as Joan was supposed to be coming down today to give Doug a lesson and she wants to watch Rogo go too. (Timing on this may change)
I asked Michelle if she wanted to walk around on Rogo and she declined. Neither she or Louis seemed to have an interest in riding and didn't go near Dan :(
It is soooo good to have the horses home. I just sit and gaze at them. Rogo was so sweet and soft when I tacked him up. He'd put his own bridle on if he could.


sheri said…
What's wrong with Dan :) I wish I could see them all..soon I swear
Carol said…
Nothing wrong with Dan except that he's the naughtiest horse that ever lived :) - just nobody riding him. I think I'm going to start having some lessons on him to force me to keep him fit and in training. It's just that Rogo takes all my energy and I HAVE to get him going. I just found a site tonight for Appaloosa Dressage and a registry for Appaloosa Sporthorses that he'd qualify for, so I may pursue that.
And yes, get your ass out here! Dan needs you! He's yours for the taking / riding...