New Challenges and Opportunties

At the request of the Board, I did a survey of our Provincial Dressage Association - RIDERS (Riders Interested in Dressage and English Riding Society) membership this spring and presented the results at the AGM yesterday. Although not a scientific sample (the mailing list self selected who would fill it out), the results were that people are most interested in the association continuing their focus on competitions and clinics. People want opportunities to get started in dressage and also opportunities for socializing and recreation. All in all there was a lot of support for the organization.
We used the information as the basis for a strategic planning session which I facilitated. Check out the RIDERS website in a week or so for plan results.
Allison Kelland and I are going to be co-chairs of the Board! I hadn't planned on that, but Claire Milton didn't want to do it anymore and she has done TONS for RIDERS. She has so generously offered to continue as Secretary / Treasurer which I think would be harder than Chair (maybe I'm the most naive person in the world). We all owe Claire a huge debt - she's done so much for the horse world I can't possibly cover it (and probably don't know half of it). It's a good thing she's staying on the Board! It will be great to co-chair with Allison as she has tons of experience and I don't and she is very nice.
There are at least 5 new Board members (the call went out that help was needed) so there should be some good energy that comes with new blood, mixed with the great Board that we had who were starting to get tired. I even talked Megan into joining the Board and she's sent me some ideas already. Yeah! Now to find more time in the day.