Gorgeous New Saddle or Ugly Old One to the Show?

Yesterday, in my new saddle for the second time, I was so crooked on the center line it looked like a huge snake had crawled up the middle of my riding ring when I looked down on it from my upstairs office window. Very discouraging. Today we got our center line back, but the circles went - what's up with that? I wonder if my new saddle, which I love, is causing me to inadvertently give unclear aids to Rogo, since he isn't used to it either? Maybe after a few rides we'll be back to normal? Hope so. Rogo is very relaxed in the new saddle and gives no sign of even noticing it; the problem is me. The new saddle fits both of us better, I'm very comfortable in it, but I am in a different position (and needed to be).
This leading to the burning question - since I'm about to go to his very first show, should I:
a. go with the gorgeous new saddle and look good while standing still?
b. go with the ugly old saddle and feel sorta embarrassed?
c. scratch

Seriously. I'd love to know what others would do. I think I'm going with the new saddle. I can't resist.
Lesson to remember - when I thought about keeping my leg lightly on all the time, and just adding more inside pressure when needed, he stayed with me much better on the circles. I tend to let it rest too passively and then ask heavily when the circle starts to fall in.