Great Day with the Horses

I had a great day with the horses today. Darlene came over to groom with me and that was fun. I think it was her first time grooming a horse. She loves Rogo so she did him and I did Dan.
Then Megan and Greg came down and Megan worked with Rogo and I while Greg and Darlene watched. Greg very kindly took some pictures of us. I've posted a few of them below. Since Rogo would rather canter straight than in a circle (balance?), I got Megan to lunge us at the canter. He did very well. I was really happy with him. He is transitioning extremely well - getting it 100% - and with only minimal encouragement from Megan he held the canter as long as is practical for his level of training at this point (2 or 3 rounds and then a trot break before doing it again). He did both directions quite well, although he is leaning in quite a bit at times despite my strong outside rein.
Megan and Greg stayed for lunch and then we took the dogs swimming - a great afternoon. Now back to work on the dressage association (RIDERS) plan. Here are the pictures.


Anonymous said…
Your visit spurred me into visiting your blog again to catch up...I behind on everything. I really enjoyed your photos. Thanks so much for sharing. Rogo may have difficulty cantering on a circle due to balance. If you look at photo #3 your body is falling to the inside which will throw him off balance (not the case in your other photos). I know from experience. Sigh. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "no bicycling" or "no barrel racing". The Tango Dressage blog had a great description of thinking about our bodies as a box. The edges of the box are at our hips and prevent us from tipping forward, sideways or back. Of course I'm still working on all this myself but thought I'd share. Good luck!