Another Blainville Post

I still have some Blainville pictures I want to post.

This is a picture of the people in the judge's clinic. Mai Riives, a fellow RIDERS Board member and her teacher / trainer Wiley Roberts are in the second row, far left. Cheryl is in the front row, far right.

This is Santana Royakkers, a Maritime rider, doing the Young Riders free style. They did very well.

This is Alexandra Hosien, a NS rider, doing GP on gorgeous Lucky Star

All in all we had a great time and saw some great riding. It wasn't as well organized as last year though and Dressage Canada still doesn't have all results available (apparently the organizers are having software problems). It was difficult to find out who was riding where, etc.
The Thai food close to our hotel was a highlight again! The hotel restaurant was a disappointment this year though, after being good last year.
We're looking forward to next year. Maybe we'll take the horses?


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