Rainy Day

I was away on business for a couple of days, and then got a sore throat / felt sick, so haven't ridden since Tues. Today I thought I'd better longe Rogoo, as it was his third day off and he gets lazy with too much down time. It was spitting rain on and off, but I made it out between showers. Rogo was cooperative, not overly anxious to exert himself  :) but not bad. We did a lot of transitions between gaits -he's quick to go up, slow to come back, which is better than the opposite I guess, and I started asking for canter from walk. He put in a trot step or two, but I think it will come pretty quickly if I keep working on it.
Once he was warmed up I decided to do some caveletti work with him. He hasn't been near them since he tripped on one and fell with me on his back last Sun evening. On the bright side, he was much more careful not to hit them! The hock action and suspension were great. I wouldn't recommend my method though :) Surprisingly he seemed eager to go through them and not at all nervous. He's always enjoyed them so I'm glad I didn't ruin that.
Because I'm bored with being inside I added some pictures of Rogo's second show to my pictures page. They're at the bottom of this page - Pictures and Videos . I have video too that I must add. I'll want to compare next year.


Shannon said…
He looks great! Such a pretty boy! Glad to hear he's no worse for wear after his cavaletti accident. Sounds like he learned his lesson and there won't be a repeat of that!

Once the horse is balanced and strong, walk to canter transitions are pretty easy. It's the canter to walks that get me every time! They're fun to work on, though.
Carol said…
Hi Shannon, thanks for the comments. Yes, canter to walk is the challenge! I haven't even tried it with Rogo and never achieved it when I rode with Savanah. Rogo is surprising me in how he listens to the canter rhythm I give him though, so maybe we'll get it. It will be a while though. This is a good reminder to start thinking about it.
Jan said…
Carol, I'm glad your session with Rogo went well! (Sorry you are feeling bad! Hope it doesn't last long.) I looked at your photos and they are great! I especially like two of them - the one of your first meeting with Rogo, where he singled you out and pushed his face to yours (perhaps to say, I think you're my person!), how touching! And the second to last one, as you are leaving the arena- there is another horse in the photo, to the right, watching Rogo with perked up ears. I think he is saying, Wow, he's an impressive horse! And he is such a special horse! It's great to follow your story with him.
Valentino said…
Sorry you're feeling under the weather Carol.
Love the pictures - you two are a great pair :)
Hurricanes12 said…
Rogo is such a gorgeous gelding, love the pictures! Canter to walk is a nightmare, it took me wayy too long to learn the concept of that little transition.
Carol said…
Thanks for looking at my pictures! The feedback is appreciated and makes blogging fun.
Jan, I often joke that Rogo picked me and he really did. One of those lucky, flukey things because it's turned out well for both of us.
achieve1dream said…
I hope you feel better soon. I've been feeling like I'm coming down with something but it could just be fall allergies kicking in early. All I know is it's miserable!

Oh and I'm glad Rogo isn't afraid of the cavaletti. :)
He looks so great! I just checked out the photos you have for the first time (I never noticed them before!) and I love to see how he has grown and muscled out to be such a balanced happy horse. He is just so handsome by the way. I am a huge sucker for grays. What breed is he? How old is he now?
Carol said…
Hi Pony Girl - good to hear from you. He is 3/4Hanoverian and 1/4 Thoroughbred and is now 5. If you click on his name in the sidebar blog summary you can see his pedigree.
Thanks for the compliments. I used to joke about him being an ugly duckling as a 2 year old, but in my biased mind I think he's handsome now too :)
I love your Haflinger. You do such amazing things with him.