Rogo's First Flying Change Under Saddle

I had a lesson with Megan this morning. I have to admit, I'm kind of sore after yesterday's tumble, but neither Rogo or I are too worse for wear. We worked on connection a lot, trotting circles and when he came through, trotting down the long side. My issue? I 'give it away' (the connection) to get the forward on the long side. Also, as he comes onto the bit I feel like I should give to reward him, but I give too much. I have to learn how to stay soft and 'give' while still keeping the connection.
After that we worked on leg yield (just to the right today) and he is slowly getting it. He steps sideways, but loses impulsion as he goes. The exercise entailed leg yielding out at a walk and as we neared the rail to switch my weight to the outside seat bone and canter off. He got this with just a few trot steps, but was getting better each time.
Although he did all the exercises, he didn't have much energy or forwardness, so we thought we'd ask him for a big canter to see if that would get him more energized. It usually does. Megan tried him and this was the highlight of the ride - he popped a shoulder out at one point so she did a small counter bend (I couldn't even notice it) with a light tap, expecting he'd trot, and ..... he did this gorgeous, clean, perfect flying change and continued on cantering! I jumped up from my seat because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. They were trotting back to me by then and I said, "did he just do a flying change?" and she confirmed it and explained the sequence and that it seems to come naturally to him. I won't try it as I don't have the finesse yet and I don't want to screw with his nice canter. But wow, it's there waiting to come out :) He never takes a wrong lead, so cantering may be his strong point.
I got back on and we did some nice canter lengthening, and it did make him more happy and forward. Yeah Rogo! Meanwhile, I'm starting to stiffen up. The fall yesterday didn't help my back. I may need to squeeze in a trip to the chiropractor :)


Valentino said…
Glad you're okay from your fall - holy moly! We may have a date to ride on the beach this weekend... no solo beach rides for us yet :)
Jan said…
Carol, So sorry to hear about your fall! I'm glad it wasn't worse. The other things that you've done lately are wonderful! What a great hack Rogo had, and a great lesson. I think his progress at the canter is terrific. He is such a wonderful, talented horse! I'm so glad for you. I do hope your back feels better soon.
I'm sorry to hear about your fall but glad it wasn't worse. After the chiro maybe you should head to a nice massage spa.

The canter work sounds great, it's nice to have a horse that excels in that gait. And the flying changes are going to be fun when you get to do them. He sounds like a talented guy.

Feel better.
Hurricanes12 said…
I hope you're feeling better soon, the idea of the massage spa should be good :)

And what a great idea about doing an upwards transition out of the leg yield. I would never have even thought of that!
juliette said…
Rogo is a star! What an amazing boy his is with his secret ease in flying changes. Sorry you are sore - hope you feel better soon.
achieve1dream said…
Yep going to the chiropractor before it gets bad sounds like a good idea. Sorry you're sore, but I'm happy you weren't seriously hurt.

I'm so excited Rogo did a flying change perfectly like that! One of my favorite horses at the stable where I used to work had issues with flying changes. In fact it was the only reason he couldn't move on to third level, so I know how frustrating it can be when they can't do it. I'm so happy Rogo is a natural at it. :)
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