Storm / Hurricane and Riding Update

We canceled our Labour Day weekend dressage show and clinic yesterday because of Hurricane Earl. I was looking forward to riding in the clinic on Mon. with the judge John MacPherson. He is a level 3 dressage coach.
The hurricane forecast sounds a little better, but still nothing is certain. It is currently forecast to hit the counties in the southern part of the Province as a hurricane and the rest of the Province as a tropical storm.
I rode Rogo bareback for awhile last night, for the first time. He didn't really know what to make of that. He was a little surprised when I hopped on and then for the first time in a few weeks, was very forward. When we trotted he was a little naughty in that he didn't want to steer or stop, which is hard when you don't have stirrups! How did he know? Why did he react this way? Who knows. I aborted my plan of a bareback canter! I put his saddle on and we went back to work.
We had some great canters - he is getting much better balance and as he is holding his canter without so much effort on my part I'm learning to relax and move with him better - sort of a chicken and egg thing. This translates into big, bounding strides which I love! Good bye flat, racey canter (I hope).
We also practiced some sitting trot. I want to start this now so I'll have it by level one. His trot is much bigger than I'm used to. I do about 8 to 10 steps of sitting, then rising before I start to bounce, then back to sitting. The bareback was supposed to help with this too, but maybe we'll need to do that on the longe for now :).


Jeni said…
Darn that Earl !!!!! Take your stirrups off the saddle =)

I prefer to sit trots anyway but I can post without stirrups and even bareback if I need to take the strain off my poor lower back.
lthorse said…

Just discovered your blog through "A Work in Progress" Blog, and am signing up to follow! Some great posts. You need to add more pic and some video though so we can really get a feel for what you're doing! :) I had no idea Canada was going to be effected by Earl. I am in Southeastern Virginia (5 miles form NC) and we did not end up with much of anything. Have you ever done any Alexander Technique work? It is great for opening the hips and lengthening the legs.
Carol said…
Hey Jeni - good idea re stirrups. I used to do that with Savannah, and preferred to sit too (posting seems like such an effort). I can't explain it, but Rogo is more of a challenge to sit to. Now bareback posting would be hard :)

lthorse - so good to meet you. Do you have a blog? Didn't see one. Glad Earl didn't get you. Thanks for following! Good advice re pics and video. I must do more. And it will be good incentive to make sure they don't suck too badly :)
lthorse said…
Hay Carol!

LOL! Yes I do have a blog: