Still not feeling good and still inside due to rain, so I finally have time to post the videos of Doug's and my first show. With fall here I feel motivated to get the season's records in order.  I'm VERY illiterate when it comes to videos and computers, so my goal this weekend is to learn more. I want to have a good video record, and we take the videos, so I must get them posted or stored where we can refer back.
These appear to be quite poor quality and it may be due to my lack of knowing the best way to manage the transfer. Our camera is good enough, so I'm pretty sure better quality is possible if I knew what I was doing. Doug will know...
This show was in Truro the second weekend in July. 
The first video is of Rogo and I in our first class ever. Rogo hopped out of the ring almost at the end of the test, but Doug must have edited it out :). He probably should have left it. I'm over what I thought was terminal embarrassment and it would be good for a laugh. The judge told us to come back in and finish the test, so we did and placed second with a 62.+ He (the judge) was giving all the Walk Trot horses a break as it was a bronze show and the first show of the season in our Province. This is Walk Trot B. Rogo's nose is out quite a bit and he's a little counter bent at times, but I was very proud of how brave he was around all the new things. He'd never been in a ring with more than one horse (always Savanah except for once), never been ridden outside a fenced ring (thus the hopping out?), etc. Suddenly he was in a crowded warm up ring with multiple cantering horses, in a strange open space, etc. I know now there was nothing to worry about, but I'd never taken a horse to their first show before and it turned out I was much more nervous than he was.

This one is Doug and Savanah. This is Doug's first ever competition. They did well, starting the weekend with a 6th place and moving up steadily to place first in their last test in the biggest class of the show. I know I shouldn't brag like that, but I was so proud of them and they worked hard. This would be one of their earlier tests :), not bad, but they aced it the second day. This is the only one I have on video. This is Training Level test 1:


Anonymous said…
Glad you were able to post them. Good both to both of you:)
Jan said…
Carol, I finally got a chance to go to another computer and watch your videos. They are both great! Good for Rogo his first time out- he looked wonderful- comfortable, willing, responsive. And after facing so many new things the same day, that is wonderful that he did so well. (I think jumping out of the arena was just for a quick breather - he didn't know he wasn't allowed to take a quick break :)) Savannah and Doug's video was also wonderful. You both look so polished and calm!