Hurricane Earl?

It's crazy hot, humidix (?) today in the 40's and forecast high's of 32 today and 34 tomorrow. There are warnings in affect to stay inside. I have a riding lesson early, at 9:00 am, to get ahead of the heat as best we can. As it is we'll take it fairly easy and not stay out too long.
My big weather dilemma is hurricane Earl, forecast to hit the east coast of Canada on Fri. night / Sat. morning somewhere. I'm on the show committee for a dressage show scheduled for this time, with an indoor ring and warm up ring, so wind and rain shouldn't be too big a problem for us Maritimers if the storm hits far enough east or west. It could go over us though, making cancellation of the show necessary. Environment Canada says they won't have very accurate predictions for a land fall location until tonight at the earliest. Keeping my fingers crossed.
I longed Dan over cavelletti last night and he was a sweetie. I have to say, he is much more careful about not hitting them than either Savanah or Rogo. They'll plow into them or step on them until they're warmed up, but Dan is very careful not to touch them and seems to enjoy going over them. He licks his lips, concentrates and tunes into me more. The fun part is that it is effortless to get him to stretch his stride - he won't hit the poles, so if you separate the distance (reasonably of course) he will take big springing trot strides to get through them. He looked so pretty - lots of suspension. I don't know if I could ever get him to translate that to under saddle, but I'll never know if I don't try.


Shannon said…
I just realized that you're on the East Coast. For some reason I thought you were on the Pacific Coast. Geography is not my best subject, obviously. ;) Good luck with Earl, we're waiting to see where he'll hit, also.

Dan's a smart boy, you just might make a dressage horse of him, yet!
Jenn said…
Here's hoping it doesn't go over you!

I love incorporating cavalletti into the training program. It reminds my big guy to pick up his feet (he's apt to drag his toes more often than not) and sure do help get him "up" and energized!
Jan said…
I hope Hurricane Earl doesn't hit you. We are also (in Virginia) watching and waiting with bated breath. Good session with Dan and the cavaletti! I like using them in the arena also!
Wolfie said…
When I was growing up in Dartmouth, we occasionally got the "tail end" of hurricanes from the south. Lots of rain and wind, but nothing that was particularly scary to me. I am hoping that this is the case with Earl. Keep us posted.