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This is my first meeting with Rogo, at his breeders in Alberta, Nov., 2007. He is two years old. He pressed his nose to my face and kept it there, except to gently push away any other horses that came near.

Verna and Rogo, Alberta

Rogo and Carol, Alberta

Rogo and friends at his breeders in Alberta

Rogo's breeder Don

Verna and Rogo at the breeders

  This is Rogo as a 2 year old, about a month after he arrived from Alberta, with my nephew Alex. Rogo is all head and skinny neck, and if you could see his hindquarters you'd see they're high. Not the prettiest stage, but beautiful to me. Alex is a great rider and just bought a 2 year old Clyde / Thoroughbred cross he's named Maude.

Also as a 2 year old, winter 08, with Megan. She is a great teacher (see links to resources).

Joan plots training strategy at Creamery Brook, winter 08.

Rogo getting ready for a trim from John Blair, winter 08. It was -18 that day (I rode Savanah in the indoor).

Summer 08. Even I have to admit - not the most impressive picture :)

Dan, Rogo and Savanah at home, summer 08

  Spring 2009, just after he turned 4

Spring 2009

 Rogo and I, summer 2009 (he's 4)

Sleepy, dirty babies. Dan and Rogo, sleeping in the somewhat wet riding ring, summer 09. (They were out flat, side by side a moment before.)

Lesson with Cheryl at Country Roads Farm, winter 2010
We had to virtually start over when we got there. I had a nerve injury in my neck in the fall of 09 and couldn't ride for 3 months. When I started back with him he wouldn't go forward, wouldn't steer, was cranky when asked to do anything, etc. It took 2 or 3 months just to get back to where we were before.

Megan riding Rogo, Spring 2010

 Spring, 2010

Summer, 2010

The line up at his first show, Truro, July, 2010

Warm up ring at his first show

First halt at X in a competition - a memorable moment :)

My face says it all - I was pretty nervous for our first outing, lol. Can't believe I looked that bad!

Happier now - we made it through!

And got a second place

This is his second show, a gold, in Truro. Here he gets a second place ribbon.

Here he is at the same show, wearing his first place and  picking up another second place.

 The ribbons he won at his second show.

I need to fill this gap


 Savanah and Rogo at home

 Riding at home

 The Linda Southam clinic at Hobby Horse Farm ~ his nose is often stuck out at this stage, but usually not this far :)

Linda Southam clinic at Hobby Horse.

Need to fill this gap!

August, 2012, you can see he is rounder now.


Yvonne said…
What a pretty horse :) Love reading your stories!