What a Fun Ride

I met Doug at Cheryl's today and we both rode. We used the indoor since it was raining out. It was so much fun. Rogo hadn't seen me in a couple of days and was very affectionate and sweet, but at the same time he wanted to go, go, go. It seems crazy now that I was worried about his energy level as recently as the end of Sept. It must have been the summer heat that had him so lacking in forwardness, but he didn't have any forwardness last winter either. Now he is just a bundle of good energy and it is wonderful
He is very bendable and he does become round on and off, but he still needs to be rounding and taking contact more consistently. It's much better though. Today we practiced walking leg yield, should in, trotting figure eights, as well as canter departs (I need to help him engage before giving the aid) and 15 m canter circles (he is just starting these but can manage them well most of the time). I also did a little bit of sitting trot and this is getting easier to work on now that he is getting more forward and round.
He wanted to canter all the time, and once he was cantering he didn't want to stop. It wasn't scary or over the top though - just energetic. He worked fine in the other gaits.
I'm impressed because after I rode I ran into Cheryl and she said he cantered and galloped so much in his turn out that she thought about bringing him in. I guess he cantered for 15 minutes non stop at one point. I showed up to ride shortly after this (he was inside by then) and he wanted to canter all through our ride. I hope this continues, and continues to be manageable :)
Doug rode Savanah and they did very well. He has very nice quiet hands and his seat is getting better all the time. Savanah is looking great and is enjoying the cooler weather as well.


Cindy said…
Love reading your updates, sounds like you are having a blast with your youngster!
He's getting more fit! I think cantering isn't as hard work for him anymore and now he realizes it's fun. Good for him, and you, too! You'll be conquering first level in no time at this rate!
I just thought of a question: do you guys use different dressage tests than the U.S.?
Jeni said…
What fun! I think that horrible heat this summer had everyone dragging!
Carol said…
Thanks for the comments everyone.
Shannon - I think our tests are the same as the U.S. but I can't find a place to view / download them. I don't want to jinx myself but I think First Level will be doable in the upcoming show season.
TeresaA said…
awesome! Irish's favourite gait is canter and I have to say that I enjoy it too. :)
juliette said…
I love the idea of Rogo having so much fun cantering in turnout that he just kept it up during your ride! How wonderful! Sounds like he is really having fun learning in the cooler temps. That is the best. And...that he missed you and was affectionate...what a dream horse. But, you already know that!
Jan said…
Carol, I'm so touched by your comment about Rogo missing you, and being glad to see you- what a sweet horse he is! (with a wonderful owner!!) Glad you had such a good ride with him- it's wonderful when his energy matches with your interests and skills, isn't it? Responsive, willing and energetic - wonderful Rogo! You are doing so well with him!
Achieve1dream said…
Yay for Rogo the energizer horse lol!