Back to Riding Rogo

I'm back from vacation as of last night and had an amazing ride on Rogo this morning. I think I need to give him more holidays. He was great. I know we'll have lots of set backs and challenges, so I might as well enjoy the good times - today was soooo fun! He was so full of life that I longed him for a half hour before realizing how much time had gone by. That's a little too long in my opinion, but not terrible occasionally. He was very forward. After that  I rode for a half hour and he was still wanting to go, go, go when I got off. I turned him out just after this and he galloped around, so he is really energetic.
He was moving off my leg beautifully, meaning he was doing the best corners and circles in both directions that he's ever done. He did a big, working trot with no having to push him - heaven. We worked at this in loops to the quarter line and back to practice changing bend. I cantered on a circle to start. I was a little iffy on cantering straight right off the bat after eight days off and him being so forward, but I did canter out of the circles and down the long side, then into a circle and out again. Wow - it was soooo fun! He was so responsive and sensitive, yet well behaved. He's a dream to ride right now. We actually did one canter circle that wasn't much more than 10 m and it was nicely controlled and even, then out and across the diagonal. Remember as recently as July his canter wasn't even established. Now it is quite maneuverable  (for his stage of training).
After more than 18 months of feeling like I was making VERY little progress, things started clicking around mid Aug. and we've been making progress since. Now that the cooler temperatures (I'm assuming) have added in forwardness it's even easier to work with him.
We did a little leg yield and a little shoulder in. I really need someone working with me for the latter, but I tried a few steps each way and he seems to be getting it.
Now it's time to work on me. I'm afraid with all the concentrating on Rogo my position really needs some work, especially in the canter.
My over-all goal is to build and polish Training Level and Level One over the winter. I'm sure Training Level for next summer is very realistic and we can at least start Level One. I just need to be disciplined and stick to a plan. I'm realizing too that the plan needs to include lots of breaks and some hacking for Rogo.
I've really missed reading my blog roll while I was away. Now it's time to catch up.


Jeni said…
Aww he enjoyed his time off too. Bonnie and Rosie were full of it too. Not naughty or out of control just moving big.
juliette said…
Down time is so good for everyone! Rogo was pleased you were back too, I bet. He probably missed you and was in good spirits with the cool weather and your return.
Jan said…
Carole, Oh, what a terrifically wonderful ride! I guess the break for a few days really did him good. It is great to hear about his energy and responsiveness and how fun it was for you as well. You are doing a great job with him and it is showing. Glad you had such a nice vacation also!
Muddy K said…
What a wonderful, clear post. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.