Road Trip

Verna and I drove around all day yesterday and ibgot to  see the badlands for the first time. Can you make out this beautifil herd? They were grazing at the foot of a cliff as we drove by so I had to stop for a look. The temperature was 18 C. Yesterday and todayband tomorrow are supposed to be the same.
We're headed for Banff. I LOVE  the Rockies!

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Hurricanes12 said…
wow, have a great time :)
it looks wonderful
Jeni said…
Great Carol !! Enjoy your time away with your friend. Ohhh say a prayer and cross your fingers. I'm doing intro A & B sunday on my friends horse.
Jan said…
Carol, What a lovely view! Enjoy your vacation!
Wolfie said…
The Rockies rock! :-)