The Rockies

This post isn't true to training journal topics, but boy, do I ever feel like my batteries are re-charged and ready for more training.
This is a picture of me behind our hotel in Banff. Today we'll visit Verna's sister and family on their Alberta ranch. I'll see horses!

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Valentino said…
What a nice photo Carol. Love the way your hair and the plants surrounding you are so lit up.

Glad you're having good time!
Story said…
My sister and I went to Banff a number of years ago. What a beautiful place! Definitely somewhere to go if you need to recharge.
Jan said…
Carol, You look like you are having a great time! And what a view behind you! It's lovely, and I'm glad you feel your batteries are getting recharged! It's a wonderful vacation when you can feel a sense of newness again!
Jeni said…
Re-charge is good! Enjoy it.