Bella Is A Star

Today I put the saddle on our two year old Bella for the first time, tightened up the girth and led her out of the stall (no intention of backing her - just playing around). She was completely nonchalant even though she's never had anything on her except a blanket when she was a weanling. Then didn't the stirrup leather catch on the latch coming out of the stall! (stirrups were run up but it caught anyway). This stopped her in her tracks and pulled the saddle off of her back and down around her side, so it was hanging on her sideways. She just stood there and let me unfasten it, put it back on, and then lead her calmly around the ring. I'm LOVING this girl! I really haven't spent any time with her but I think it's going to be fun.
I should also mention I had her tied up to a ring on the wall while saddling her, and I'm pretty sure I've never even tied her before. She acted like she'd been doing this for years - no reaction at all. Am I getting lulled into a false sense of security and in for a big blow up?