Arthur Kottas Clinic #4, Day Three

It was another great day at the clinic. I'm completely energized by the teaching - watching other lessons and having my own.
Our under saddle lesson in the morning addressed:
- Walk and trot shoulder in
- Walk shoulder in to haunches in and repeat, continuing around the short side
- Trot shoulder in to haunches in
- Walk and trot half pass from the rail to the centre line and one walk half pass from the rail across the whole arena
- Rein back, trot, halt, repeat
- Walk and trot down the long side doing a ten metre circle, eight metre circle and six or seven metre circle
The main purpose of the exercises was to get Rogo carrying more wait behind. We also practised collecting from my seat and outside rein half halts to prepare for transitions. This is also to take weight back.
For our in hand lesson Arthur taught me to do shoulder in on the long side, half circle, leg yield to the rail. We also did halt and Arthur showed me how to touch Rogo on the bottom outside of his leg to square him up. Then we'd do rein back.
The lead line was on the centre ring of the cavesson. To half halt give a quick, light tug - upwards if he's too low, downwards if he's too high.
Tomorrow is the final day of the clinic. It has me on a total high.