Arthur Kottas Clinic

Today is the second day of the clinic. I've been riding twice a day for thirty minutes each, instead of one longer lesson. Tomorrow and Thursday I'll do a riding lesson in the morning and an in-hand lesson in the afternoon.
Today we did canter half passes, a first for both of us. They went quite well for a first attempt. We'd canter up the 3/4 line and then half pass to the centre line before going straight down the centre line, going directly onto a 20 metre circle, and then coming off the circle onto the 1/4 line and repeating.
Rogo was a star. He tried so hard, didn't get excited, focused and did exactly what was asked of him even though he had never done it before. I loved this exercise. Rogo and I really clicked with it. He was completely on the aids and responding to every ask.
The was I think our best exercise. He's also doing a pretty fair rein back, which he's only been doing since May.
Our worst movement was half walk pirouette. We keep stopping and doing a stationary turn on the haunches instead of a walk pirouette, but I think I'll get the feel of how to get it soon.