Christmas Morning Walk

It was nice out today, and the beach is still open, unusual for us here in Nova Scotia this time of year. I couldn't help thinking that if we still had the horses at home I could have ridden on the beach today. Oh well, I sure appreciate the indoor most of the time now :)
I decided to take the dogs for a walk, and brought the camera along. Coffee, Baileys, dogs, beach - what's not to love?
Here they are:

Nola, Pepper, Max

We got Nola, the chocolate lab, four years ago as a puppy. She was my husband's Christmas present and she is so sweet and good. The next year we got Max, the yellow lab, as her friend (she'd started trying to play with the horses, not good). He came from a dog rescue and is so loving and adorable I can't imagine anyone treating him badly, but apparently he was tied outside for three years before we got him. He wasn't even house broken but he learned quickly. Last Christmas I found Pepper, the small mixed breed, outside our back door at 11:00 pm in a snow storm. To make a long story short I made inquiries the next day, found out where he lived, took him home three times within 24 hours and eventually we settled it that his owner couldn't look after him and gave him to us. He has a HUGE personality and we love him. So we have three dogs and they all arrived at Christmas time.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas Day and can get a Boxing Day ride in tomorrow!


juliette said…
Happy Boxing Day to my Nova Scotia friend. (BTW, Maizie is doing a geography project for school and picked Nova Scotia because I "know" you!)
Your beach walk with your Christmas "presents" from Christmases past sounds perfect. That last photo of Pepper is too much!!! I giggled out loud when I saw it. I had a black Lab, Jet, for 10 glorious years. She was my first "daughter" and I still have a special place in my heart for Labs. Yours are so Labradorable.
Anonymous said…
What a fun, but I imagine cold, walk. I love Pepper, what a cutie! I wish someone that cute would show up at my doorstep:)
Hope you had a great Christmas.
Jeni said…
awwwww ! What fun! You dogs are so beautiful !

I have friends who live in Florida and they had their entire Christmas celebration on the beach !!!
Carol said…
Thanks guys!
Horse Mom, the interesting thing is that I'd had in the back of my mind that I wanted a red Pomeranian and then Pepper showed up, just one of those things. I'm told Pepper is part Pom, but I wouldn't change anything about him.
Lori Skoog said…
I love all three of your Christmas dogs. Can't believe the way the beach looks at this time of the lucky you are to live close to it.

Thanks for your comments about my Journal!

Happy New Year.
Oak Creek Ranch said…
What great dogs you have! And that last shot of Pepper is amazing -- you totally capture the joy and exuberance of running on the beach. I want to snatch her up and hug her!!
Oh my, that little Pepper is too stinking cute! Nola and Max are adorable, too.

Your Christmas walk on the beach sounds just perfect. I'm hoping you managed a Boxing Day ride!
Jan said…
Carol, Your walk on the beach with your sweet dogs sound wonderful!

(I can't actually see the photos yet, though; something is messing up photos since I upgraded to IE 8- darn - but I'm sure they are adorable!)
Dom said…
Sounds like the perfect walk :)
What great Christmas presents the dogs were for you and for them too. They are really cute and look like they enjoyed their walk on the beach. I hope you had a nice Christmas and get your Boxing day ride in.
Modern Knight said…
nice dogs!

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