Why It's Good To Change Riding Locations

I've been working all over the place this week (Digby, Lunenburg, Truro), but met Doug at the barn today for a ride. 
Rogo's been impressing me so much lately, so maybe it was time for a reality check :) We rode in the outdoor ring, after riding inside for the past couple of weeks (rain) and I had difficulty getting Rogo to focus on the work. He's been so bendale and responsive lately though, and it just wasn't there today. He didn't want to move off my leg, to the extent he even ignored it or moved against it at times. Our leg yield was non existent! He'd do shoulder in a bit, but I was careful only to ask for a few steps since it seemed like I should be careful not to over do it.
I tried for some canter lengthening (he was starting to respond well at home, lengthening and shortening again, while holding the gait), but he didn't lengthen. He may have become a bit more 'impulsed' :) but not longer in the stride. I wanted to work on this outside because the indoor isn't a full size ring and it will be harder for him to lengthen there. Soon enough we won't be able to go outside. Here's a clip of the canter taken with my phone. Not our best effort - I'll have to get another, and try harder.

Boy, do I ever need to focus on our contact and roundness. His  head is still high and out.
I found myself tiring quickly, so rather than try to ride when I was tired and Rogo wasn't having the best day, I just rode for about 45 minutes and ended on a positive note. 
If Rogo can't maintain a consistent performance from home to Cheryl's and indoor to outdoor he sure won't at a show, so all in all this is good for him. It was fun despite the reduced performance.
Doug and Savanah had a good ride. I think he is going to write goals as I do, so I'll post them.
Rogo and Savanah have been cantering / galloping in the turn out a lot, so they're self conditioning. I guess they've been running up and down the hill a lot - love it!


Anonymous said…
My goal for the winter has been to haul to other indoor arenas to get Cassy use to being ridden in different places. I think this is something that takes lots of time before we can expect them to be as well behaved in new places as they are in their home arenas:)
juliette said…
Sorry that Rogo wasn't so focused, but maybe that was just THAT day. You may go back out tomorrow and he is great. He is such a good listener most days, he had to throw a silly one in to mix it up a bit for you!
Jeni said…
They have such short attention spans don't they! I just love when they make up scary stuff in their heads! He'll get better no worries!
TeresaA said…
I own the most contractible horse in the universe. It has been a long road to get him to focus and we still sometimes have our disagreements as he does the "just a sec, I'm busy looking over there" attitude.

From the canter vid it looks like he's really on the forehand so he wouldn't be able to lengthen. for Irish, I find doing a number of transitions will sharpen him up a bit. Or if he's lagging, just getting up in 2 point and moving out at a good clip will wake him up a bit. :)
Jenn said…
Having only an outdoor arena with plenty of distractions constantly of more interest than me, I know how you feel! Some days Gabe is fabulous and focused, other days, the birds and the bunnies, the wind and the woods are FAR more interesting than what I'm asking.

It's those days I usually ask for one or two good responses then head out for a trail ride. I figure if he's gonna be looky-loo at everything, I might as well take him out and let him get an eyeful of everything. :D
Hurricanes12 said…
i love how you're so sensible with rogo, only asking for a few shoulder in steps, and finishing on a good note etc. no wonder he's such a sweet horse :)
hope he gets over the spooky monster everywhere phase for you soon!
Carol said…
Thanks for the comments everyone!