Alex and Maude

Doug and I went to see our nephew's new horse Maude yesterday He got her last spring. She's a two and a half year old Clyde / Thoroughbred cross and she is lovely. I was really impressed with her. First of all, she hadn't been turned out in a while because of the days of heavy rain, but she was quiet in the cross ties and when Alex led her down to the outdoor ring  she calmly, quietly followed and stood while he took her lead line off. Then she exploded! Wow, did she ever hold herself in until the right time, and then went for it. Her canter was so nice it's hard to describe. Unfortunately I didn't get any on video and he wisely doesn't canter her yet on the longe line (hard on her young joints). She reaches up and out in the canter in this very uphill movement, even though as a two year old she's built downhill for the time being. Her bucks are pretty impressive too :) She leaps in the air and then almost flips over. I hope she doesn't do it with Alex on her back :) but I don't think she will.
He longed her at the walk and trot, then sat on her at the walk and did a little trot in each direction too. It was only his 4th time on her and she was soooo well behaved. You could see her carefully placing each foot and almost teetering as she balanced him. I remember Rogo doing that. I think it is so amazing and sweet that they want to balance us instead of just throwing us off on the ground.
He's using a hackamore for now, but will switch to a bridle and ride her english. I think she'd make a nice dressage horse. Here's a video of her on the longe.

I had a lesson today. It was outside and the weather was beautiful and that's the best thing I can say about it. Rogo was pretty good, but he's forgotten how to move off my left leg for some reason. Not a biggy, we'll just keep practicing. He was great at the canter. I need to start challenging he and I more (while continuing to work at getting the bend right), so starting tomorrow I'm going to see if we can get some lengthenings (in any gait) and also some leg yield and shoulder in.  

Then I rode Dan bareback while Doug rode Savanah. Dan did well and so did Doug and Savanah.  I rode Savanah after that, so I rode all three today. She was so much fun, as usual. She's energetic and on the bit and responsive - how much better does it get? I need to get some video of Doug and she. Next post is about them!


Hurricanes12 said…
yay i look forward to a savanah post, i adore rogo, but she's beautiful too! and i always take for granted how sweet horses really are, letting us ride them and on the most part, doing their best for us :)
juliette said…
That is a nice story about Maude. She sounds like a sweet horse, carefully balancing your nephew and walking quietly before turnout - and then exploding. She sounds like a winner! Riding three horses in one day - perfect!
Jeni said…
Well I'd say that's a great day! Video is great.
Valentino said…
What a great day you had :)

Maude sounds lovely. I adore draft crosses. You might want to check out this site about the desert norman - I found it at The Jumping Percheron blog... arab/draft crosses. Could be a good combo I think.

Have a great weekend!
Jan said…
Carol, It sounds like a great day. So interesting about Maude. I haven't been around such young horses much. But so nice that she obviously tried hard when your nephew was riding. About Rogo, sometimes our rides aren't perfect, that's for sure. But overall, Rogo is such a willing and wonderful horse, it more than offsets the occasional not-perfect day. And Savanah sounds like she is a dream!