Blog Bundles

I just learned how to make bundles and I've created a dressage blog bundle. It's on the sidebar, near the bottom. You need a reader (a great invention, easily installed from Google if you aren't using one) to use it. You can subscribe to 33 dressage blogs at once with the bundle I made. Of course most people reading this will have at least some of these, but you won't receive them twice if you have them in your main list and in a bundle. If you're already following they'll remain in your main list. Cool.
They aren't all dressage, all the time, but all have at least a strong dressage component. If you have a dressage related blog that I've missed, or if you know of one, please tell me and I'll add it. Thanks.
I wonder if there's a way to collapse it? I'd like to add bundles of some of my favorite non dressage blogs (i.e. A Thousand Pounds of Fragile Horse, A Year With Horses, etc.), but the list would get pretty long :)
I also follow fashion, food and a bit of art, although not to the degree I follow horses. What topics do you like?
Doug and I rode today. It was cold! Rogo just isn't interested in trotting. How can I have a dressage horse who doesn't want to trot? He has a great and willing walk and canter, so it isn't laziness - he's forward and fine in those gaits. Unfortunately the ground is too hard and slippery to go outside and I have to get their shoes pulled because there's snow now.
Savanah on the other hand has a great trot, but has decided she isn't going to make an effort at canter. She'll do it, but she makes Doug work for it so it isn't as pretty as she can do. She has a nice bouncy canter when she wants to. Ahh, if only they did what we wanted, when we wanted, it would all be so simple :)
The only thing of note to mention re training is that Rogo is starting to keep a better contact and position - head down close to the vertical, better balance and using his hind quarters more. I haven't really been paying too much attention to it as I worked on other things, but Joan told me it would come as his balance improved, and she was right. We've been doing lots of bending work so that probably contributes.
I have a lesson coming up on Tues. and have told Cheryl that I want to work on fitness. God help me.


Jan said…
Carol, You are so funny! I enjoy your sense of humor in your writing (e.g., the last sentence in this post)! Surely, fitness will materialize magically somehow without us doing anything about it (that's my strategy)! Oh, Rogo must have been having an off day, to not want to trot but have nice energy at the walk and canter. Maybe he is preserving his "trot talent" for another day. (Thank you also for the mention of my blog in your post - you are so kind!)