Internet Shopping for Riding Clothes?

Does anyone have recommended sites for the above? Living in Nova Scotia Canada, we don't have a lot of selection. I have to order in all my husband's show clothes (his jacket came from Europe, then to Ontario, then here), boots for both of us (both from the U.S., luckily they fit, not easy to do by mail ~ Mountain Horse dress boots) and I want to get a few things. Greenhawk will order in most things, but there's usually a long wait.
My need / wish list (okay, it could always be longer:
  • full seat winter riding tights (Kerrits makes a pair. Others?)
  • a warm winter riding coat and boots for Doug
  • men's dressage show breeches (for next summer; I just waited 8 months for a pair of men's full seat schooling breeches I ordered in)
  • warm coat and pants for our teacher Joan
I've had pretty good service, but mostly I pay A LOT. I think I've read on people's blogs that they have good / favorite places to shop on the internet for their horse needs, so just thought I'd ask. If you have a favorite / good shopping site, please share!
Also, I'm thinking about subscribing to Dressage Training On Line . Does anyone have experience with this, and if so, do you find it useful? (Just what I need - another reason why I can't leave my computer alone). Are there other, similar options?
Sooo, that wraps up my questions to you. Hope you can take a minute to answer if you have ideas. Thanks!


Jan said…
Carol, I buy some good clothes I use for riding from LL Bean's website. They are very customer service oriented. Also, I have bought horse items from SmartPakequine. Also, Dover Saddlery has a good website, good service and a broad selection.

(Also, what happened to the post called Rogo is Smarter than We Are? I saw it listed on my dashboard but it isn't here on your blog. It sounds fascinating! Please repost it!)
Jeni said…
I use smartpak and Dover Saddlery. Never thought of LLBean.

I'll be buying new riding clothes this spring as everything I have is way way too big. I started at 38 waist... i now wear size 4 jeans.. so what is that 28 waist? and Size 18 jacket... now I've gotta be a 8, or smaller. I ended up wearing my DAUGHTERS white riding tights (girls XL) the last show this fall.

Even my boots are smaller. I had to buy new ones for the last show of the fall. My 7 Wide Calf Effinghams FALL OFF. Ended up with 6.5 REG CALF !
Valentino said…

Dover, Smartpak for riding clothes, and LL Bean for winter wear - all great suggestions. Haven't researched men's choices but I believe Dover has a selection.

Regarding breeches, I adore my FITS. They have a winter breech called Wind-Pro and VTO Saddlery has a really good price on them.

I keep getting emails from dressage training online... please share what you find out :)
Anonymous said…
Dover for me as well. Although for breeches I have purchased Kerrits from a local store.
TBDancer said…
I scribed for an "S" judge candidate at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center several shows last winter and noticed that many were wearing cold-weather clothes with the North Face logo. Discovered NF is ski clothing. I too am an LLBean/Lands End fan. Their clothing is active wear, is well made, priced right AND comes in nice colors. Color selections from Dover, SmartPak, Dressage Extensions, etc., are so limited: Black, graphite, charcoal, ash gray, white, navy, etc. Not my colors and not particularly cheerful when it's already bleak out. The few colorful items sell quickly. Don't know why the apparel manufacturers of this stuff (Mountain Horse, to name but one) don't get the hint.

And Jeni: CONGRATULATIONS on your wonderful weight loss!! I am perishing (I wish ;o) with envy ;oD
Carol said…
Wow - thanks for the great ideas everyone! I'm on it!
Jeni, what can I say? That is just so impressive. I know how hard it is to lose weight and you've aced it. You're an inspiration.
Again, thanks all, I;m going to look into these iseas and if I try dressage training on line I'll let you know.
Jan, I'm not quite finished "Rogo Is Smarter Than We Are". It's saved as a draft and coming soon :)
Jan said…
Carol, Thanks for clarifying about the Rogo post. I guess if we save a post as a draft Google lists it in my Dashboard as a regular post. Now that I have read it, it is the best, most fascinating post I have ever read. Thank you so much.
Anonymous said…
I subscribed to DTO for three months. I did enjoy it but think a more advanced rider would get more out of it - I'm barely at training 1.