What A Week

I had such a fabulous time at the horse show that I don't know where to start when writing about it. Here's a summary:
  1. I'm on the Board of the dressage club that organized it, and it was an amazing experience to work with such positive people and all of the committed and skilled volunteers. We really had a great time together, although everyone was tired out :)
  2. We had our first para-equestrian rider, I think a first for a Nova Scotia dressage show. Twelve year old Nel could teach a thing or two about committment and courage to anyone, and her test was amazing. I'm going to devote more of a post to her and her ride when I get the video uploadable.
  3. Rogo exceeded my expectations and was so interesting in his approach and reactions. I reached a milestone in my trust of him (and maybe his of me?). We are galvanized to train and improve!
His Sun. rides were 60 point something and earned him a 5th and a 2nd. There was only about 2 points between last and first place in all his classes, so we're all (Training Level AA's) on track and ready for a great summer of bringing up those marks. Here's a sample score:

Doug has some videos of his tests, so I'll post one soon.
Here are a couple of pictures:

The main areas we need to focus on are:
  1. more forward (he's forward when I ask, I just need to remember to ride more forward)
  2. rounder circles (much more practice needed, especially with stretching circle)
  3. rounder frame
And although I mde my first 7 ever in position and seat (I've always been 6), I'm setting my equitation as my # 1 goal. It took a back seat for too long.

He did really well on the trot loops to the center line in test 3, and his center line / halts. Some of his canter transitions were very good (that was a revelation), and he went very nicely forward in canter when asked (I'd been afraid of gallop or nothing).
I'm soooo behind on my blog reading. Catching up with coffee in hand will be a treat this week.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like a good experience all around!
Anonymous said…
I always found those stretchy circles to be the most challenging. At home, my horse respects the loose rein, stretches down and moves forward with a real swing in his step. But at a horse show, he's excited to he generally takes advantage of the extra rein and sneaks in a few trot steps.

Sounds like you have a lovely weekend and looks like beautiful weather. Congratulation on your positive scores!
Anonymous said…
sounds like a great show, so glad you went. When I read that you rode in a hockey ring, I couldn't imagine what Cassy would do with those plastic sides in the rings. What a good boy for not flipping out!
juliette said…
Congratulations! I can't wait to see the videos.

That Rogo is just adorable - in the ring and stall photo too.
Kelly said…
Great Job! Looking forward to seeing video.
TBDancer said…
I'm a "joiner" and a "helper" and have always been on either the dressage chapter board as an appointed or elected member or on the show committee as a volunteer. I know from experience that the show committee can make every show pleasant even if the rides aren't all that great.

Re the forward: It's all up the rider. Everything is "up to the rider." Being prepared is OUR job ;o) My German National instructor asked me my show goal. I said, "To be able to tell 'in the moment' when a movement is going south and FIX IT."

She said that was laudable, but even BETTER was to tell it was "going south" BEFORE it happens. (That is my SECOND goal). Can't wait for the videos either.
Annette said…
Wow! A 7 on your seat? I'm very impressed! I've never gotten above a 6 but maybe one of these days I'll follow in your footsteps. It's a goal - right?
I've been waiting for this post - stalking your blog in case blogger went haywire again and I somehow missed it!

Great job Carol and Rogo! Very respectable scores, good constructive criticism and you had fun too. Awesome! Looking forward to the videos :)
achieve1dream said…
That's so awesome! Congrats!! I can't wait to see the videos. :)
smazourek said…
Lori Skoog said…
Love the header shot, and very happy to hear that you had such a fine time at the show with Rogo. Will be back to check out the videos.
Congratulations on a great show, and excellent news on your relationship and trust with Rogo improving