Training Update

Thanks for all the great advice on the galloping everyone. It was very helpful. I've had one more episode of it (not as bad), but other than that the canter work has been fine. 
Also, I understand some people couldn't comment. I've switched to a different comment format and it should work now. I love my comments, so please keep them coming!
We've been practicing our tests a little bit (I've ridden each of them a couple of times), and our focus is trot / halt / trot with fewer walk steps and immobility at halt, and trot / canter / trot transitions. The later need to be a little more crisp on the up and keeping engaged hindquarters on the downward.
I've been doing some ground work and trailer loading, and keeping fingers crossed it's going well. I went to a Paint, Appaloosa, Open show last weekend to trailer a friend and her clients (not to show) and I was very impressed with the behavior of the halter horses. I'm going to get her to show me how they train them.
I'm off to ride. More later.


Rising Rainbow said…
Thanks for the new format. Was I the only one that couldn't comment??

Glad to hear that things are going well with Rogo and that the galloping is better.
Kelly said…
Thanks for the tip to change comment formats! I changed it on mine and my daughter's blog. Like you, I love comments :)
achieve1dream said…
I haven't been commenting because I've been very busy, but I am reading and enjoying every second of it. Keep up the great work!