Off to Another Show

We're going to another show this weekend, although I'm not competing. I'm taking Rogo for experience and Doug is showing Savanah. This is a bronze show in Windsor.
I'm show committee chair - a fancy title for someone just learning the ropes, but I'm a decent project manager and it's an experienced team. Right now my board co-chair is off trying to arrange to get the arena moved at the 11th hour, when the previous plan fell through - yikes! Hope it works out. 
It poured yesterday and I had to leave at 7:00 am to work in Halifax today so I haven't gotten a ride in. Megan came and helped me practice trailer loading. We worked out a few kinks and I think everything is back on track. We need time and more trailering but it's headed in the right direction and as safe as I can get it.
There's a tractor pull on the grounds where the horse show is so it could be dicey. We of course didn't know this when we booked the show. It could make for an interesting weekend. Has anyone else been around a tractor pull? They are VERY loud! I'll keep you posted (so to speak).