Doug and Savanah are Off to a Great Start

Doug and Savanah did a great job at the show on the weekend, despite his shingles. This was Doug's first show and I really wanted him to like it so he'd want to continue. As it turned out he didn't want to come home! Camping, horses and horse people - what's not to love!
They improved their scores over the course of the show and ended with a first :). Savanah still has it (she was  training level season champion the summer I showed her) and Doug and she make a perfect combination. Who says you need a warmblood to do dressage? Here are some pictures:


Anonymous said…
Good job guys got quite a good horse when you purchased Savannah..I will tell Hedley..He will be so proud!!! Keep up the good work!!!
Carol said…
Thanks. She was up against some good horses in the biggest class of the show, so I'm really proud of both of them.
Yes, tell Hedly!