Meet Our New Broodmare

I've been incredibly busy working on the horse facility / business Doug and I are starting, so blogging has taken a back seat for the time being :( We're clearing the site, working with an engineer on the arena (a change is coming there), promoting the business for 2013, etc., etc. If you've been reading for a while you'll know this business first entered my head in early 2011, as a means to afford an indoor for ourselves. I wanted a good place to ride and take lessons with Rogo, and our other horses, in the winter. Having our own place seemed like the only solution. Having it make enough money to pay for itself was the next objective, so here we are.

Our business plan calls for the following services:

  • facility rental (indoor and outdoor) for small (starting with 40 stalls) competitions and clinics

  • a small amount of boarding

  • breeding

  • dressage and jumping lessons from Sue Fraser, level 3 Equine Canada coach, and dressage lessons from Jane Fraser, FEI rider and reknowned clinician 

When I write it out like that, it seems like a lot, but it all fits together nicely in a synergistic package in our business plan. We got financing through Farm Credit Canada, so it made sense to them :) If anyone is interested in our equine business planning approach I'm more than happy to tell you about it in detail. Just send me an email - with the subject line 'business planning' so I won't think it's spam :)

Anyway, back to the mare. We bought her in partnership with my friend Alison Kelland, also a dressage rider who has successfully bred very nice warm bloods for years.

Her name is SPA/EM Diotima (Donnerschlag Melodie/Matrose). Here is the sales write up for her:

Diotima is an Elite Hanoverian mare. Prior to importation from Germany, she received her “1A” prize and gained “SPA” (states premium candidate) status. After producing her first foal in the USA, she completed all requirements to acheive her “EM” status. She embarked on a very successful showing career in hand, winning another “1A” prize and Reserve Grand Champion of the Mid-Atlantic Hanoverian Breeder’s mare show in 2007. In 2008 she showed at Dressage at Devon to place 3rd out of 16 in the Broodmare class with a score of 80.7%, placing just behind Iron Springs Farm’s Rabiola (2006 Grand Champion and 2007 Reserve Grand Champion at Devon) and Hilltop Farm’s Cha Cha (2008 Reserve Grand Champion at Devon) and just ahead of M.Ecloir (Grand Champion at Devon in 2002). In 2008 Diotima ended the year in 5th place for broodmares competing in USDF shows. In 2009 at Fairhill I and II she was Champion Mare and Champion Mature Horse at both shows. Diotima’s sire Donnerschlag was a successful Grand Prix competitor, as well as producing many successful Grand Prix horses such as Dr. Snuggles, Don Androsso and Donnerwind. Diotima is completely sounds and could be ridden. She is very fertile and catches on the first try with fresh or frozen semen.

I'm educating myself on Hanoverians, so I hope you won't think it's patronizing if I tell you Elite is the highest rating for mares. I'm thrilled that we were able to find such a nice mare, and one we could afford together. She is in Ontario and I'm in Nova Scotia. She has an April 2012 foal by her side (already sold), so we won't ship her to NS until the fall, after the foal is weaned. We'll try to breed her soon though, so I'll keep you posted on that.

Here is her picture:

 That's my news. Hope you like her. I CAN'T WAIT to meet her!!!


juliette said…
She is just lovely! Congratulations. Your business plan and this entire project is so well thought out and executed. You are my daily inspiration. I understand about the no time for blogging part, but to your readers like me, each post is another reason to get out of my own chair and get busy - "like Carol and Doug" - and now this new chapter - a broodmare! Wow! Very exciting!
Jeni said…
Well Congrats!!! Will there be any apartment type quarters or even cot in a tack room for visiting Ohioans?? *grins*
Carol said…
Juliette you are the kindest person. I wish I had your talents!
Jeni - there certainly will! Love to have you :)
I like your business plan and am jealous of how well thought out it is. Unfortunately my place is too small for those kind of opportunities and the economy in Michigan has squashed most equine events but am really looking forward to living vicariously through you :)
Kelly said…
Sounds wonderful, Carol, and the mare is so lovely! Looking forward to watching your business develop.
smazourek said…
Gorgeous, and a redhead!
You are an inspiration Carol. This post is so exciting.

You and Doug are making your dreams come true, in a thoughtful and realistic way. How wonderful is that?! The new mare is impressive.

(Hmmm - I like the way Jeni thinks...) ;)
Oak Creek Ranch said…
Sounds like you are well on your way to executing your well thought-out plan. The mare is beautiful!
I think you've got it all under control with a well thought out business plan! Congratulations on your beautiful new mare. She sounds terrific.

Maybe when you get all set up in your new place all your blogger friends will come up for a huge party :)
in2paints said…
She's beautiful!! Congratulations... I'm so happy for you that things are working out so well.
Carol said…
Oh it would be so much fun to have a blogger friend party when it is all set up!!!
She is beautiful! Congratulations!

Your plan is very well thought out. You'd be surprised at how many people just wake up one day and say "I'm going to open a horse business!" without ever putting down a business plan. You're a step ahead already!
Margaret said…
I have faith in you and your ideas. Just keep being busy and you will get back to us when you have time. Very exciting watching this from the ground up! She looks like she has stunning movement!
Achieve1dream said…
She is gorgeous!! Congrats! I can't wait to hear how your new business plan goes too. So exciting. What are you calling it?